Boats by Brand


Boat Brands

The following is a list of the boats that will be on display at the 2022 Newport International Boat Show.

New exhibitors are added everyday.

Type Brand Represented By
Dinghies / Inflatables    
  AB Inflatables Edgewood Outfitters
  AB Inflatables Maritime Solutions, Inc.
  Amesbury Dory Stur-Dee Boat Company
  Blackfisk Blackfisk Marine LLC
  Grand Zar New England
  Hartley Parallel 45 Marine
  Highfield Ribs Maritime Solutions, Inc.
  Inmar Inflatables DinghyPro
  Ribcraft Ribcraft
  Sealegs Sealegs
  Takacat Multihull Source, Inc., The
  Walker Bay Maritime Solutions, Inc.
  Whaly Abruzese Yacht Sales
  Williams Tenders Williams Tenders USA Inc.
  Zodiac Inflatables Brewer Street Boatworks
  Zodiac Inflatables Kirby Marine
  Bali Catamarans Dream Yacht Charter
  Corsair Trimarans Multihull Source, Inc., The
  Excess Bluenose Yacht Sales
  F101 Trimaran Parallel 45 Marine
  Fountaine Pajot Advantage Yacht Sales
  Fountaine Pajot Navigare Yachting USA Inc.
  HH HH Catamarans
  Nautitech Performance Yachts Sales
  Neel-Trimarans Performance Yachts Sales
  Rapido Multihull Source, Inc., The
  Razor Cat Anchor Yachts
  Seawind Multihull Source, Inc., The
  Weta Multihull Source, Inc., The
  World Cat Bosun's Marine
  Admiral\'s Tender Eastern Yacht Sales, Inc.
  Aicon Aicon Group LLC
  Aicon Liv Yacht Sales
  Albemarle Oyster Harbors Marine
  Aviara MarineMax Russo
  Axopar East Coast Yacht Sales
  Azimut MarineMax Russo
  Back Cove Back Cove Yachts
  Back Cove Boston Yacht Sales, Inc.
  Back Cove DiMillos Yacht Sales
  Back Cove Petzold's Marine Center
  Beneteau Power Beneteau America, Inc.
  Beneteau Power Cape Yachts
  Beneteau Power Prestige Yacht Sales
  Beneteau Power Yachting Solutions, LLC
  Bertram Crosby Yacht Yard
  Bertram Restoration Cooley Marine Management, LLC
  Blackfin Bass River Marina
  Blackfin Blackfin Boats
  Blackfin Brewer Street Boatworks
  Blackfin Diamond Marine
  Blackfin Kirby Marine
  Blackfin Tern Harbor Marina
  Bluegame Bluegame Fort Lauderdale
  Bluegame Sanlorenzo Americas
  Boston Whaler MarineMax Russo
  Brooklin CC Brooklin Boat Yard
  Burger Burger Boat Company
  Caymas Buzzard's Bay Yacht Sales
  Chris-Craft Harborside Marina
  CL Yachts by Cheoy Lee Cheoy Lee - CL Yachts
  Cobia Striper Marina, Inc.
  Cruisers Yachts MarineMax Russo
  Cutwater Tim Bassett Marine LLC
  Defiance M&M Marine / Key West Boats
  Delta Tait Yachts
  Duffy Duffy Electric Boats of Connecticut
  Dynamic D-305V Dynamic Boats US
  East Bay Grand Banks Yacht Sales Florida LLC
  Eastern Boats Eastern Boats, Inc.
  Eastern Boats Standish Boat Yard, Inc.
  Edgewater Bosun's Marine
  Elling Elling Yachting
  Everglades Everglades Boats
  Everglades Oyster Harbors Marine
  Formula Formula Boats Northeast
  Fountain Buzzard's Bay Yacht Sales
  Fountain Fountain Powerboats, Inc.
  Fountain Total Marine
  Grady-White Cataumet Boats Inc.
  Grady-White Yamaha Motor Corp. USA
  Grand Banks Grand Banks Yacht Sales Florida LLC
  HCB HCB Center Console Yachts
  Hinckley Hinckley Company, The
  Hood 35 Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding
  Horizon Horizon Yachts Inc.
  Hunt Hinckley Company, The
  Hunt Hunt Yachts, LLC
  Hylas Hylas Yachts International, LLC
  Intrepid Intrepid Boats
  Invincible Buzzard's Bay Yacht Sales
  Jeanneau Power Louis Marine Ltd.
  Jupiter Bosun's Marine
  Kadey-Krogen Kadey-Krogen Yachts
  Key West M&M Marine / Key West Boats
  Krogen Express Krogen Express Yachts
  Life Proof LC8 Marine Management
  Limestone Oyster Harbors Marine
  Mag Bay Oyster Harbors Marine
  Maritime Ocean House Marina
  Maritime Skiff Ocean House Marina
  Maycraft M&M Marine / Key West Boats
  MJM Cape Yachts
  MJM DiMillos Yacht Sales
  MJM McMichael Yacht Brokers
  MJM MJM Yachts LLC.
  North Coast McShane Yacht Sales
  Ocean Craft Ocean Craft Marine
  Okean HMY Yacht Sales, Inc
  Outer Reef Outer Reef Yachts
  Palm Beach Grand Banks Yacht Sales Florida LLC
  Palm Beach Palm Beach Motor Yachts
  Pardo Staten Island Yacht Sales, Inc
  Prestige Luxury Motoryacht Staten Island Yacht Sales, Inc
  Princess Boston Yacht Sales, Inc.
  Princess Princess Yachts America
  Protector Any Water Yachts LLC
  Pursuit Atlantic Outboard
  Pursuit Bosun's Marine
  Pursuit Striper Marina, Inc.
  Regal Bosun's Marine
  Regulator Ocean House Marina
  Reward Reward Boats
  Ribcraft Ribcraft
  Robalo Yamaha Motor Corp. USA
  RockHarbour Off The Hook Yacht Sales
  Rosborough Eastern Boats, Inc.
  Sabre Boston Yacht Sales, Inc.
  Sabre DiMillos Yacht Sales
  Sabre Down East Yachting
  Sabre New Wave Yachts Inc.
  Sabre Petzold's Marine Center
  Sabre Sabre Yachts
  Scout Ocean House Marina
  Sea Born Louis Marine Ltd.
  Sea Hunt Harborside Marina
  Sea Pro Brewer Street Boatworks
  Sea Pro Kirby Marine
  Sea-Ray MarineMax Russo
  Seaway Eastern Boats, Inc.
  Sirena East Coast Yacht Sales
  Solace Bosun's Marine
  Southport Crosby Yacht Yard
  Southport Southport Boats
  Sportsman Bosun's Marine
  Steiger Buzzard's Bay Yacht Sales
  Steiger Diamond Marine
  Summit Motor Yachts Kadey-Krogen Yachts
  Sunseeker Bosun's Marine
  Tiara Bosun's Marine
  True North Cape Yachts
  Twin Vee Multihull Source, Inc., The
  Valhalla Oyster Harbors Marine
  VMTI Vision Marine Technologies
  Wellcraft Cape Yachts
  Wellcraft Wellcraft
  Wheeler Wheeler Yacht Company LLC
  World Cat Bosun's Marine
  X Shore X Shore
  X-Yachts X-Yachts USA / Rodgers Yacht Sales, LLC
  Yellowfin Buzzard's Bay Yacht Sales
  Yellowfin Yamaha Motor Corp. USA
  Zar Formenti Zar New England
  Arey\'s Pond Arey's Pond Boat Yard
  Beneteau Beneteau America, Inc.
  Beneteau Cape Yachts
  Beneteau Great Hudson Sailing Center
  Beneteau Prestige Yacht Sales
  Beneteau Willis Marine Center
  Bluewater Anchor Yachts
  Bluewater Bluewater Yachts
  Brenta Tait Yachts
  C.W. Hood C.W. Hood Yachts LLC
  Catalina Springline Yacht Sales
  Catboat Arey's Pond Boat Yard
  Dehler Hanse Yachts
  Dehler New Wave Yachts Inc.
  Dufour Advantage Yacht Sales
  Elan Springline Yacht Sales
  Friendship Friendship Yacht Company LLC
  Grand Soleil Performance Yachts Sales
  Hanse Hanse Yachts
  Hanse McMichael Yacht Brokers
  Hanse New Wave Yachts Inc.
  Hylas Hylas Yachts International, LLC
  J Boats East Coast Yacht Sales
  J Boats Hill & Lowden, Inc.
  J Boats J Boats, Inc.
  J Boats McMichael Yacht Brokers
  J Boats Tait Yachts
  Jeanneau Beneteau Group America, Inc. Dba Jeanneau America
  Jeanneau Bluenose Yacht Sales
  LM 46 Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding
  Marshall Sanderling Marshall Marine
  Moody Berthon USA
  Moody Hanse Yachts
  Optimist Parallel 45 Marine
  Outbound Collection Yachts
  Saffier Bluenose Yacht Sales
  Stur-Dee Cat Stur-Dee Boat Company
  World Wide Sailor Parallel 45 Marine
  X-Yachts X-Yachts USA / Rodgers Yacht Sales, LLC
  Kadey-Krogen Kadey-Krogen Yachts
  Nordhavn Nordhavn Yachts Northeast
  Outer Reef Outer Reef Yachts
  Ranger Tug Winter Island Yacht Yard, Inc.