Buying & Financing Your Boat



Deciding  to  buy  a  boat,  whether  your  first,  second  or  third,  is  an  exciting  but  often overwhelming process. There are many questions to ask, many numbers to crunch, and no matter how experienced you are there are at least a few new things to learn. Our goal here is to quell the  wake  of boating  information, help  you  get organized, and  then  send  you  on  your way to your next great adventure. We encourage you to get started using the tools below, but remember that nothing beats the invaluable, hands-­‐on and face-­‐to-­‐face opportunities you’ll find along the 13 acres of the Newport International Boat Show.

What Kind Of Boat Is Right For You?

For some, this is an easy question to answer, but for most, it’s pretty tough. Big boat? Little boat? Powerboat? Sailboat? Speedboat? Family boat? Saltwater? Fresh water? Out for a day? Out for a week? Water sports? Sport Fishing? The list goes on. Like purchasing a car, the choice of makes, models, options and activities is endless. But good news; there’s help. Click here for our favorite selection & search tool. It’s the first step to simplicity for folks who are just beginning the purchasing process and looking for an easy way to narrow their options.

Know Your Budget

As with many things, one of the toughest decisions in buying a boat is your budget-­‐how much to spend. Only you know that, but consider that often the most expensive parts of buying a boat are the upfront costs-­‐the boat itself, an adequate safety set up (as dictated by the US Coast Guard), perhaps a trailer or transport of the boat, etc. These are the numbers you should only need to spend once, and perhaps are easiest to include in your initial purchase price. To help you simplify this part of the process try our loan calculator below.

However, don’t forget to take into consideration lesser, but still additional expenses such as taxes, insurance, storage, and maintenance. Considering all of these items in your budget will help define your purchase price so you can stay grounded while browsing the Show. That’s not to say you shouldn’t check out every extravagant boat there is, but at least you’ll know how to walk away with the one that you love! The easiest way to really get to the nitty-­‐gritty of boat ownership cost is to visit our wide selection of exhibitors at the Show for finance and insurance seminars and clinics to help guide the way.

See It To Believe It

So, the big 7 are: boat, required safety equipment, transport/trailer, then taxes, insurance, storage, maintenance, plus in the case of powerboats, fuel. Remember, boating doesn’t have to include every fancy amenity, and it can be just as fun and financially comfortable as many other recreations. Click here for Welcome to the Water’s Cost Comparison Tool and see for yourself that boat ownership isn’t as expensive as you may think!